Realizing today’s fear is tomorrow’s laughter

There is fear running through my mind, coursing through my body, looking out of my eyes and right back into my self.

Sharing this might make me feel better, as action is often the remedy for overcoming emotions that I don’t yet understand.

One strike of the key, then another, fears laid down to sleep.

Searching for it, it flees
Looking for it, it hides
Feeling for it, it tears

What is wrapped amongst my pain is the mentation of living deranged. It’s so, isn’t it?

When you choose to live your life on your own terms, whether right or misguided, fear too, travels near, bed times.

So what is it that I’m fearing?

Nothing rationale, only the dragons of my own creation.

Loneliness, the unknown, being lost in my way, losing faith as to who and what I am, what I’ve become

Do you see it?

The blessing that it is, to experience the void, the falling sensation, drowning in an abyss of emptiness.

To fly in the void, to breathe what doesn’t exist

Drama in these words, such truth too.