A Crows Pose

A Crows Pose

Sensual and sleek, a crow posing in a Robins nest, fluffed and moist in the warmth of a movement held still, stretching the body long into her green eyes; Wings disappearing into his body, a body disappearing into his mind, and behind the veil of cupped eyelids he glances towards her darkness.

Her sloping shadow and soft smile illuminate his imagination.

She is inside of him, thick and warm, penetrating his pose; he holds it.

Finally releasing but not letting go, it stirs inside of him, dreaming to come out. A shadow, a milky white conscious awareness turns the weightless stick into stone.

He doesnt want to share it, afraid hell lose himself in her nest.

A crow poses, wings reach wide as if to stretch, but feather into flight.

Dream, there is a moon, a night light for pixies
Dream, there is a breeze, a lullaby for all
Only the dream, awaken the dream, the dream wakes

Sleep; my arms are around you.

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