I want software that I can speak into…

I want software that I can speak into and have these things happen: step 1, I record an audio file, then I simply upload it to my drop box folder or whatever, the audio file then is pulled into a mind mapping brain of sorts, it is also transcribed into text, formatted into an easy reading, and the text is categorized and tagged, according to the keys I spoke when reading into it.

For example: Me, “Sintra, Portugal February 7th, tible Walking Amongst Darkness tible” so here it would be transcribe and titled Walking Amongst Darkness… The ible is a word to signify the Title.

I could also transcribe any audio using the software, from videos etc.. But mostly I want to be able to record audio, have it transcribed as well as synced with my voice, and in this way, I’m creating content and an easy way to access my thoughts and ideas.

WIWL = What I Would Like. I tagged this comment with it.

What if I had a bubble of focus…

What are we really doing with any and all of it?

This isn’t working.

What if I had a bubble of focus that breathed on my digital device, a wave that sensed a slowing, or some sort of feedback, that triggered a literal cgi bubble of breath on my computer screen, a wave with the speed of a breath and back, which the user could choose to cycle at 1 inhalation 1 exhalation for 5 reps or 1 rep, or whatever.

The idea being that we could, in theory put neural mapping and facial expression recognition or even a device on the keyboard that measures variables which would trigger a Focus Bubble.

But to start of simple, just breathe, a transparent bubble that expands from the inside and moves out, designed to put your brain waves and focus in the field of excellence.

###And This Too: