There is a hole in the conversation about…

There is a hole in the conversation about the future, in a way that creates a magnificent world, and I mean a conversation that doesn’t manipulate the people observing or learning or ingesting the contemplation, and by manipulation I mean the use of music, of false imagery, of specific editing and doing so in a way that isn’t to enhance the conversation but to bludgeon the mind of the observer to crack open a pathway into their mind without their permission of understanding of what it is.

That to me is unacceptable, even though it’s the way of our world, and I mean perhaps so for the entirety of our existence as the beings that we are.

Does it matter beyond fulfilling my own curiosity?

That’s a question that I’ve never been able to completely answer without feeling insincere about my answers as if my answers are not fulfilling my own wanting.

When you live in the question absurdity of a kind comes alive for you.

There’s noting in it, but the need to know what’s true for yourself and thus for everyone else.

It’s comes back to design and creation for the sake of an end, but also for the pleasure of exploration of life and the field itself.

Then you are to get on in your exploration of it and the creation of your work.