A Whim Into Mystery & An Opportunity For You To Grace The Art of Portugal Upon Your Life…

The Ticket That Took Me There!

I’d love to buy you original art work from Portugal, delivered to your door where ever you are…

But why Portugal? They always ask.

It all started on a whim.

Almost two years ago, at 3 am in the morning after a night of too many innocuous cocktails, the kind that are crafted and poured over the appropriate sized square of ice, in the properly sized glass, a life was about to be turned upon adventure.

I decided to trade one life for another.

I was in Portland Oregon, and I had been out with friends earlier that evening, living life well, eating well, playing amongst beauty.

But I was bored and uninspired by the moment in life that I was living.

There were ideas floating around my mind about travel.

And so what does one do when you are ready for something new?

The time I jumped on a plan with 3 hours notice, a backpack, 6 books, my computer and full blown whim. It’s pure mystery how it all plays out. Magical and miraculous life.

You pack your bag at 3 am, leave everything behind, dive into an Uber and head for the closest airport.

And while on the way you message a friend, “can you find me a ticket to Portugal or Nicaragua?”

And your friend, who suffers a similar insomnia simply answers, “give me a minute.”

And then, you get the message as you are nearing the airport, “I found a flight in a week and a half.”

“Now would be better. I’m on my way to the airport and a few minutes from PDX.”

Laughter and a pause, and a brief moment that said it all, “Of course you are.”

Meanwhile the Rastafarian Uber driver and I speak about life, about his children and his dreams, about adventure, about being on the whim and in the flow of life and then my phone vibrates, “You are going to Lisbon Portugal and your flight leaves in 3 hours at 6:15 a.m.

I sent a picture of my bank card to my nephew Dustin and a few minutes later, he confirmed the purchase of my ticket.

It feels impossible to tell you that moment came almost 2 years ago; it simultaneously feels like yesterday and as if it never happened, as if that life once lived never was.

Time twists in fascinating ways.

But here I am and here I’ve been living my life in Portugal.

I will share the stories with you at some point.

A Year Later Living life in Ericeira Portugal…


But What About The Art Work Emeric?

Yes of course, what I want to share with you at this moment, is that I have been finding the most amazing pieces of art work, tiles, water colors, and it goes on.

But right now I am taken by the water colors.

I found an artist in Sintra Portugal, whose work has intrigued my senses and I would love to buy and ship his hand made originals to you.

The works are beautiful and the photos here, as photos go, never touch the actual essence as it does when it’s in your hands, on your wall, and in from of you looking deep into your eyes.

I can’t say absolutely that this is the kind of art work that appreciates and becomes a collector’s item in the future. Maybe it does, maybe not.

It’s possible.

But I do know, personally, these pieces of impressionistic colors of Sintra Portugal, would have been wonderful to inherit from my family, to pass down the line.

There are many beautiful works in many different impressions all of which would look amazing in your palace, in your home.

And if not for you, they’d make a gracious gifts for those you actually love and appreciate, something wonderful to look at, thinking of you.

Right now I have the opportunity to purchase 10 – 15 pieces. They vary in sizes and prices.

At this time, I can capture €2000 to €3000 of art.

I’d love to buy them and ship them to you.

There are primarily two sizes.

I can get them to you for between $125 to $300 plus shipping; the shipping is additional and will be any where from 20 to 35 dollars. If you want them all let me know.

Otherwise, we are looking at 1 to 3 works of the medium to larger sizes, or a mixture of smaller and medium.

The dollar is a bit weak right now, with the Euro being the strong currency.

At the time of this writing we are looking at a 1.25 : 1 … That hurts a little bit if your money is in cash, but so it goes.

Again these pieces are originals, and once they’re gone, they are gone forever.

I took some not great photos and didn’t realize my lense was a bit blurry.

This is the smallest piece, but still glorious.

This is the smallest piece, but still glorious. Many different sizes, here’s my hand to give you a sense of scale of these original watercolors.

They are gorgeous and full of life, full of color, and sensation as you can see.

I’ve taken many trips to the artists gallery and simply stand mesmerized by the works.

You shouldn’t buy the art if you don’t have an appreciation for beauty or a desire to support living artist and thus continue to make the world more wonderful.

I really mean that. Because I do not want you to have any buyers remorse.

And at this time, you will have to trust me in this regard.

If you don’t like the piece, I’m sure someone you know will.

But, I’m almost certain you will love it.

The photo is at an angle as you can tell, but I loved this piece that incorporates daily life in Portugal, the life lived where clothes are still hung upon clothing lines, a practice I’ve come to love.

It’s amazing how many people spend 100 dollars on pieces of copied IKEA art.

It’s almost repulsive. Well it is to me actually.

I don’t mean to be snobby, but I love and appreciate beauty and well made works.

The mantra, high quality or nothing at all, is my muse.

Photos never do the work right…

These pieces will grace your walls and intrigue your senses.

And I’d love for you to have a piece of the beauty of Portugal in your hands and in your life.

Also, I will be traveling around Portugal more often, meeting more artist, and bringing you additional opportunities to not miss out on the mystery and beauty of Portugal.

And, if you have any request do let me know.

I will keep my eye open for you.

To creating and living a rich and beautiful life,
Emeric Damian


You can speak with me directly via Skype or email at EmericThorpe@gmail.com

All items are shipped with insurance and tracking numbers. It is incredibly important for me to make sure you are on board with the supporting the adventure and celebration of living a beautiful life.


If you are reading this it is because someone believes in you and your ability to appreciate beauty and the better things in life. Perhaps thanking them would be kind and while we are here, I’d like to thank you for taking the time as well. A beautiful life matters to me too and I imagine it matters to you.

One last thing, if you aren’t into buying art but would still like a bit of Portugal in your life, email me your name and address and I will send you a postcard just for fun, because why not!

Hugs and love as always….

email at EmericThorpe@gmail.com


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